1. maintain, carry on, continue, stay with, proceed, persist, persevere; hold in abeyance, hold on to, put on a back burner; protract, prolong, sustain; abide, endure, last, be constant, be steadfast, stand, remain in.
2. preserve, maintain, secure, conserve, sustain, keep alive, keep fresh, hold, embrace; maintain in order, keep fixed, keep up; support, uphold, shore up, brace, bolster, prop, stay, ground.
3. restrain, keep down, keep back, hold back, check, hold in check, curb, limit, keep within bounds; arrest, hold in captivity, detain, retain; master, subjugate, control, dominate; prohibit, inhibit, keep from, forbid, interdict, withhold, disallow, restrict, deny; hinder, encumber, deter, hamstring, obstruct, stall, retard, cramp; grasp, clench, clasp, gripe, clutch, grip; tie up, shackle, chain.
4. furnish, stock, have in stock, carry, trade in, store, deal in; have, possess, accumulate, save up, husband, treasure up, amass, hoard up, lay in, garner, pile.
5. associate with, fraternize, accompany, mingle with; keep company with, date, court, go out with, take out; Inf. hang around with, consort with, flock together with, Inf. herd together, row in the same boat, chum, Inf. pal, Inf. pal up with, Inf. pal around with, Inf. buddy, Inf. buddy up with, Inf. take up with, Inf. gang with, Inf. latch on or onto.
6. have custody of, be responsible for, supervise, superintend, manage; tend, mind, take care of, care for, watch over, look after, keep an eye on; guard, protect, defend, safeguard, shelter, cover, shield.
7. conceal, keep dark, withhold, hide, keep hidden, keep secret, hugger-mugger; hush, hush up, stifle, suppress, muffle, silence, not breathe a word or syllable about; veil, screen, shroud, beshroud, curtain, mask, cloak; obscure, cloud, becloud, befog; camouflage, disguise, dissemble; bury, secrete, cache, shelter, cover, hide one's light under a bushel.
8. observe, obey, abide by, comply with, submit to, conform to, keep faith with, be regulated by; mind, heed, pay attention to; acknowledge, respect, defer to, accede; follow, fulfill, carry out, accomplish, effect, effectuate; complete, achieve, execute, consummate.
9. observe, celebrate, ceremonialize, ritualize, commemorate, memorialize; hallow, solemnize, dedicate; signalize.
10. support, maintain, foster, nurture, nourish; provide for, provision, feed, victual; afford, pay for, board, subsidize.
11. keep ata. persist, persevere, endure, hold out, hold up, keep going, be steadfast, stick, Inf. stick it out; finish, complete, do thoroughly; see it through, hang in there, follow to a conclusion, Sl. stay the distance, die in harness, die at one's post, die with one's boots on, go down trying, go down with flying colors.b. be resolute, be tenacious, be stubborn, be obstinate, be determined, be pertinacious, be firm, be constant, be unswerving, be aggressive.c. plod, peg, peg away, peg along, plug; drudge, grind, toil, moil, labor, slave, work like a dog or slave.d. keep after, follow, follow up, pursue, go after, trail, shadow, track; keep an eye on, search for, seek, hunt, look for, quest; prosecute, stay on [s.o.'s] back, run after.
12. subsistence, maintenance, upkeep, support, livelihood, sustenance, sustainment, sustenta-tion, necessaries, provision; board and lodging, room and board; nourishment, nurture, nutriment, aliment, rations, fare, diet, regimen, grubstake.
13. inner tower, donjon, dungeon, stronghold, fastness; castle, chateau, citadel; fort, fortress, fortification.
14. for keepsa. seriously, intently, gravely, sincerely, earnestly, soberly, grimly, determinedly, resolutely.b. finally, permanently, resolutely, unequivocally, ultimately, conclusively; once and for all, for good, forever.

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